My name is Catherine and I am an aspiring and professionally working Fashion Photographer currently studying BA Hons Commercial Photography at Plymouth College of Art.


I  have developed a strong sense of fashion and styling within my imagery where in which I endeavour to capture and showcase authenticity and individuality in all forms. I am naturally drawn to people who are unapologetically themselves, and take a large interest in portraying people in a way they often do not consider to be possible through the means of photography by paying attention to detail.

My main interest in photography is within fashion, however my work expands various outputs, including portraiture, advertising campaigns, branding photography, editorials and fashion imagery as well as some moving image that can be as simplistic or complex to fit each clients specifications.

I work as my own stylist and on a freelance basis for other creatives. And my portfolio showcases my transferability in working in both studio and location environments, as well as my ability to style a large variety of aesthetics.

I have developed a strong sense of style, technical capability and distinctive vision through my personal work, various assisting roles and through my studies throughout my degree. And have a multi-purposeful mindset when working on new briefs, in order to elevate each clients visions, as well as provide them with refined imagery they can use in a professional manner.

With these strengths outlined, I look forward to working on creatively engaging shoots to provide a stylised, friendly and professional service to you.